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Pitter patter out my window...

Pitter patter out my window Reminding me of sadness Reminding me of pain
Pitter patter out my window Funny how you match my mood Shame it won’t do me much good
Pitter patter out my window Tell me raindrop Does it hurt when you finally drop?
Pitter patter out my window Steady as a heartbeat Reminding me of music
Pitter patter out my window Giving life And making new
Pitter patter out my window Washing away the day Cleansing me from my pain
Pitter patter out my window Pitter patter out my window
. . . . . . ...And a little something I found on you-tube. Took my breath away. Hope it does the same for you too.....

When life gives you lemons...

This has been my lesson and an ever-present theme in my life this year. I know that the usual conventional handed-down-from-our-grandmothers-phrase has been: ‘When life gives you lemons, make lemonade’. But I think this slight alteration serves the same purpose, and it’s also funnierJ. The point is: Adapt. That’s how humans have survived in contrasting climatic regions all over the world from the Icy Tundra, to the scorching Sahara. Even in the ever-rainy bug-infested Amazon Jungle. People found a way to deal with what they had and made a life for themselves. For me this year has been jam-packed full of unexpected situations. From random practice sessions to cancelled and rescheduled tests and CATs and unforeseen let-downs from people. At first I’d get mad or even slightly depressed. But eventually I learned that it’s never that serious. It’s not fair to get yourself all worked-up about things that lie in your circle of no control!
   There’s this phrase that says you should ‘Change…

To vote or not to vote?.......that is the question

This isn’t a post where I’ll tell you who to vote for. I’m also not going to tell you which political party is the best. Anyone who watches and reads the news can judge that for themselves. We all know that voter registration is ongoing and that next year we’ll be having elections. We also know that around 75% of Kenya’s population is under the age of 30 years. 43% are 15 years and below. That leaves 32% of the population at age 16-30 years. Majority of who are eligible voters. Compare that 32% of young people to 21% of Kenyans between ages 30-65 (Our parents??). I arrived at these figures by looking at the results of the 2009 census and data on the Ministry of youth affairs and sports website among other websites and then I did my math. So we can assume that at least 50% of eligible voters are young people. Yet sadly a number of these won’t vote. And they have the best excuses too! Like: Politics is boring. Ok so I’m assuming that if you have an ID and you probably weren’t ready to h…

Paint job

Every scar every wound we accumulate builds us and adds to us. This is going to sound really cliché but, once bitten twice shy. When you fall as a child that’s when you learn to run more carefully. When you fail an exam that’s when you learn to study more. When you get your heart broken that’s when you learn to never settle for anything less than what you truly deserve.

   Imagine for a second a world in which we never made mistakes or got disappointed in some way. Unless this world was the perfect way that God had originally intended it would be a total and utter disaster. We would all be like children who never advance. Never learning, never discovering novel ways to do things. Always stuck in the same spot. Think about it. Thomas Edison failed like 10,000 times while making the light-bulb. In those mistakes he worked out what NOT to do and finally figured out how to do it right.

   So eventually when you’re old and grey (God-willing) and you look back at the tapestry of your life…