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Maybe you haven't met the right guy yet because he's not ready to meet you

It’s not you, it’s him. This one is for the girls. All those girls who've been moaning to their friends about how there is a severe lack of datable guys in our generation. All those girls who are considering giving up on their standards so they can settle. All those girls who are feeling daily pressure to date someone, anyone...especially when Monday rolls around and their timelines blow-up with #MCM posts. I want you take a break from your wallowing and Hollywood rom-com binging and think about this for a moment: What if you haven’t met him because he’s not ready for you yet?
   I’m a strong proponent of being the one. As in, becoming the kind of person you would want to date. You can read about that in a previous post. I’m also a strong proponent of dating God’s way and that His timing is best. I know we all acknowledge that there are things in our lives we may need to grow out of or sift through because at the back of our minds we know that they’re just not right. And I thin…

I'm from a hopeless generation, but does it really have to be that way?

And by that I mean a generation that literally has no hope. And that’s ironic considering the sheer number of campaigns aimed at making us feel better about ourselves. Campaigns and strategies that we cling to with all we have. And it helps for a while. But you can’t put a band-aid on a bullet-wound and expect the bleeding to stop. It’s not practical because that’s not what bullet-wounds need.
   We've lost hope in the prospect of wholesome relationships. We've lost hope in our parents. We've lost hope in the very systems in put in place to govern our society and help us live our day to day lives. Because most of us have been hurt ten times over or have seen the hurt in those closest to us. We tweet daily about corruption in the government and all the things wrong with the systems in place and rarely do we see our outcry come to fruition.
   So it’s become easier to not care. To drink away into oblivion because it’s not necessarily our problem. To distract ourselves i…

Things you shouldn't do while interacting with a book-lover

1.Be-little their love of books. This would be the easiest way to get us to write you off. You lose points for being flippant, and gain points by using vocabulary like ‘bibliophile’.

2.Mention that you don’t read.  Instantly minimizes the number of things we have in common with you.

3.Ask who their favourite author is. That’s an unfair question. Do you have any idea how hard it is to choose just one writer who you like above the rest? Personally, my favourite author sometimes depends on what I’m currently reading. The same goes for that question about favourite books.

4.Interrupt them in the middle of a book to ask how it is. One word: concentration. And you just broke it. Be a doll and wait till we’re done with the book, then you can get a blow-by-blow account if you want.

5.Interrupt them in the middle of a book, period. Engrossing reads are hard to find at times. And having one is like eating your favourite ice cream and then suddenly having it snatched away. Can you imagine that h…