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Book Review: The Kite runner by Khaled Housseini

This was my favourite line from this book. The quote that set the mood.  The point at which I sat down and went 'oh snap!'. I took longer than I should have while reading this book.  Which is a polite way of saying that I was distracted by the two other books I was also reading at the time.

This book was an insightful look into Afghani culture. When you've live in this part of the world and you've grown up with terrorism and Al-Qaeda as part of daily news, it's easy to think of the country as this god-forsaken place full of murder, refugees and patriarchy. You don't think of the people or the families or the culture. You don't think of the massive humanitarian crisis being faced on a daily basis. The details don't even occur to you. And I can relate to that as an African in 21st century Kenya fighting against the stereotypes about the continent that have been propagated by decades of Western sensationalist reporting.
This is a story about two boys who ar…