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My 2016 reading challenge

Earlier this year I posted this picture on Instagram:

Because I'm a total bookworm and I'd seen lots of other folks doing reading challenges and I thought that this might be somewhat manageable (meaning the list wasn't super long). It would push me to actually seek out books more intentionally than before. Also, I'm a sucker for dares and challenges. Side-effects of being a very competitive person I suppose.

   I kept track of my progress using my instagram and goodreads accounts. I will now attempt to take stock and see how I did.

1. A book published this year
Harry Potter and the cursed child - John Tiffany

A lot of people I know had mixed feelings about this book after all the hype. Personally I'd been waiting for a new Harry Potter book since I finished Deathly Hallows at the age of 17. I loved it, even the script-format. All I can say is: Broaden your horizons and literary palates people!

2. A book you can finish in one day
Shadows on the moon - Zoe Marriot