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My first blog!!!!! *Excitement* :-) Why I'm doing this

You know what I love about reading and writing facebook notes? It's that you are able to share your thoughts and opinions/experiences in a unique way with all your friends. Writing is in itself an art, probably one of the oldest in the existence of the human race. I mean, think back to the era of the cave-men! They drew paintings of animals and themselves on ancient cave walls. Paintings which told and still continue to tell  the story of how they lived. In a way, that was their own form of literature, so to speak.
   But so much is accomplished with the written word!!! A well written story, text or poem can have varying effects on the reader. It makes lovers who are far apart feel as if their loved ones are speaking to them face to face, it can convince a man to cast aside his earlier beliefs to support a well laid out argument, the stories within novels can make one feel the same emotions as the characters within the book; be it love or hate or tear-inducing sorrow.
   So thi…