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Foodie Fridays: Yoghurt pancakes

It's been a while since my last Foodie Fridays post. Mostly because I moved to my own place so I wasn't really feeling pressured to cook much since I'm alone. Not to mean that I don't still cook. Just that I don't necessarily cook elaborate meals. I'm a student on the go from books to classes therefore I try to keep things simple. But maybe that's what I'll blog about next. Easy-to-make healthy meals for the busy 20-something on the go? Do I hear a yay? Ok, you got me, I'll do it! :)

   If you've been following my Foodie Fridays posts you may have noticed that I have a thing for breakfast foods. I won't lie, for me it is the most important meal of the day. It would take a mutually agreed-upon fast for religious reasons for me to miss breakfast...I kid you not. Anyway, last night I found myself craving pancakes so I decided to make some (No judgement please). However I was all out of milk but I had plenty of yoghurt in the fridge. So I di…