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Voting for me

Today it just hit me that 5 years is a long time! 5 years ago I was in form 2 and I thought that Danielle Steele was the best thing that ever happened to the literary world. And 5 years from today I will be in my mid-twenties. I will be working and or almost finishing my postgraduate (considering that I'm in med school, that's HUGE!!!) Most of my pals will be married or getting married; some of them will be having kids!! Like dang! Those are a lot of milestones! And the scariest thing isn't even how much my reality will have changed by then, but how much all of that could depend on next Monday. So just think about it. Where were you 5 years ago, where are you supposed to be in 5 years and are you ready to play Russian roulette with your future?
   I'm just nearing the end of my Psychiatry rotation and I've learnt 2 things: first of all, mental hospitals and patients aren’t as scary as horror flicks make them out to be. They are actually pretty nice people. Second…

You know you live in Nairobi if…

1. You wake up some mornings and its so cold you swear It’ll snow, but by 11 am you’re baking in your clothes
2. People insist on walking across 12-lane superhighways instead of using the flyovers.
3. The hawkers on the streets you walk on have the ability to vanish within 60 Seconds.
4. You watch all the latest movies even before they hit Kenyan cinemas.
5. Your 50-Something year old Mom Or Dad can sing along to all the latest local songs courtesy of Kiss 100.
6. You can buy 2nd-hand novels for 50Bob Or 100 Bob depending on what time you're in town.
7. When you’re driving you complain about the way pedestrians cross roads like they have a death-wish, but when you're walking, you do the exact same thing!
8. Sometimes you walk into restaurants to use the loo because you don't want to pay the fee at City Council toilets
9. You own and I phone That Only Cost You Sh.5000.
10. You refer to any Chinese, Japanese or Korean person you see as Wuyi. (Smile if you get It)
10. You visit Mpesa …

My Kenya, My Valentine – Spreading peace in the coolest of ways

Today way Valentine’s Day and at my campus (Kenyatta National Hospital for those of you who don’t know) an event dubbed ‘My Kenya, My Valentine’ was organized by SCORP (Standing Committee on Human Rights and Peace) one of the departments per say of the Medical Students Association of Kenya (MSAKE). Basically the aim was to promote peace and harmony in light of the fact that we are having elections next month and nobody really wants a repeat of 2007/2008.    So they asked as to come dressed in Kenya colours, and they were handing out roses and ‘Mkenya Daima’ stickers. Dude! They even organised a flash mob! Yes, I’m serious. Video evidence coming soon I hope. But what totally jazzed me was the amount of enthusiasm and patriotism expressed by everyone and I just had to share it with the rest of you. Big-ups you guys! No really, big-ups! So like whoever said that Med-school isn’t fun, clearly hasn’t been to the University of Nairobi. Fine I’ll admit that sometimes it can be gruelling,…

Happy S.A.D. (Single Awareness Day)

First of all, let me take this opportunity to wish all my friends and family a very happy lovely bubbly Valentines day!! :D And that goes for Kenya too! Especially Kenya! So this is me, just messing around in light of all the anti-valentines memes that have sprung up on facebook. And they are hilarious!

  Then, I stumbled on this video... Admittedly I watched it because of his voice alone (Vocal crush much!), but it's actually kinda funny!

  Secondly,  I think that the notion of depressed singles on Vals is overrated. Infact I’d go as far as to say that it’s a marketing strategy. Now don’t get me wrong, I’m not anti-Vals or anything; but it’s never that serious. And besides, it’s not just about romantic relationships! There are a lot of different people in our lives we can wish a happy valentines day; parents, siblings, best-friends.. Because in my opinion, love is choosing to look past all the flaws and mistakes so you can see the awesomeness in a person. So remember that o…

The Big Debate

Kenya's first ever presidential debate!! Goosebumps, so excited. But as we do this and prepare to vote (for those of us who actually care about the future of this country) remember it's not about them, but about you. So I'd normally not recommend this but for once let's be a little selfish and choose the right candidate; let's be a little selfish and choose peace; let's be a little selfish and choose Kenya; not the violent whims of some guy with more money than you could ever hope to make who does not give a hoot about you and/or your family. Because at the end of it all, we're the ones who'll pick up the pieces and pay the consequences. One tribe, one Kenya people! so with that said, vote vote vote!! And let's all tune in to our tvs/radios/youtube at 6.30 pm to see if these people are really worth their salt! Oh and somebody please pass the popcorn because I've got a feeling that this is going be great!!!



The Best is yet to come

This was the thought running through my head at the start of the year and it’s the same thought in my mind as I sit here with music in my ears waiting for my pizza while writing this. I'm going to be honest and say that 2012 ended in a pretty crappy way for me. Stuff just happened at the end of the year to completely shake up my confidence and sense of reality. But through it all and the incredible things that followed I realized that I was just passing through a crucible and I was meant to come out better at the end of, it all. And I reached a point here I literally sat and told God ‘I don’t know what you’re doing in my life, I’m not even sure that I like it, but I trust you’. I once referred to myself as a serial optimist while chatting with a friend. And I’m not ashamed of it, neither am I afraid of it. How can I when His word tells me stuff like:

    I don't believe in coincidence and definitely not, in chance. Because in my few years I have seen evidence of a grand desi…