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What is your biggest asset?

Yes ladies, I’m talking to you! Do you pride yourself in being the ‘right’ size or the ‘right’ height or even the ‘right’ skin colour? And who is it exactly that get’s to decide what is and isn’t ‘right’, ‘appropriate’ or ‘in vogue’? Since when did we start taking advice from individuals who are more dysfunctional in a day that most of the country’s population is in a year?! I mean, correct me if I’m wrong but aren’t role models supposed to be people who’ve got their act together? I’m not saying that they need to be perfect, but they shouldn’t be spiralling into oblivion either and you know what the funny thing is, societies opinion of ‘beauty’ and ‘ugliness’ is as fickle as the seasons! One day it’s hot, the next day freezing cold. Need a few examples?
In the Victorian era, most people’s idea of true beauty was referred to as the ‘English rose’; Skinny, pale-skinned and blonde! So heaven forbid if you spent too much time in the sun and got more than you’re fair share of freckles! …


We all know that October is Pink month/ Breast cancer awareness month (And to some extent, cervical cancer awareness month). What most of us may not know (up until this week I was in the same category) is that November is actually Movember – Prostate cancer awareness month! So why the strange name? Well Moustache + November = Movember! Comprendez? The idea is for men all around the globe during the month of November to grow moustaches so as to raise awareness about Prostate cancer and other Men’s health issues.
    I’m personally not a fan of facial hair, but in this case I’ll make an exception. It’s for a good cause. An important cause. Being a third year medical student who’s currently doing end-year exams I’ve been obligated to memorize certain statistics:
Prostate cancer is the most common visceral cancer in males: If you’re a guy, take a moment to think about all the internal organs you have: Brain, heart, liver, spleen....Basically out of all of them, the one most likely to …