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Dear future me

Dear future me,
I did it. I lived my life. I took chances.
I laughed and cried without reservations.
I made mistakes and faced the consequences with a brave face.
I was careful. I was reckless.
I discovered new things.
I accomplished milestones.
I was smart...sometimes I wasn't.
I took the high road..mostly.
I cheered myself on.. I was my biggest critic.
I was half-past broke. I learnt how to budget and save.
I looked beyond myself. I was selfish sometimes.
I prayed and talked to God. I tried to listen and when I did hear Him, I did my best to obey.
And when my best wasn't good enough, I asked for His strength.

Dear future me, I grew up! So you wouldn't have to.
I did all these things and so many more so you wouldn't look back and wonder 'what if?'

Love V