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My own worst enemy.....

I am officially my own worst enemy. You live a life where you achieve so many amazing things; but the moment that you make a tiny little mistake or fail in some way, there’s this tiny little voice inside (Ok, not so little. It’s usually pretty darn loud!!) bringing up all your inadequacies and telling you how you’re such a failure.    Maybe it’s our own weak human condition that makes it easier to believe that we can be failures more than we can be successful. Or maybe it’s the devil trying to bring us down. It’s the same thing when we’re so afraid of taking chances in life like moving to a new city or falling in love. And the worst thing is that we believe it so so easily. It’s something that we readily accept.    And here’s the funny part: We let it! We indulge in these thoughts and let them take root. We lie to ourselves and so eagerly believe in the lie that we later accept it as truth. And I think that’s the worst kind of lie; the one you tell yourself. Ever noticed how when…

SMH (Shaking My Head)

I just thought it would be nice to rant and rave a bit about the things that can drive any Nairobian totally insane. I don’t know if this is true for people living in other Kenyan towns and cities but feel free to let me know:
·Matatu prices that quadruple when it’s raining. Wait did I say raining?? I meant to say ‘when the sky gets cloudy and attempts to release a few drops of water upon the general population’. One word: Pandemonium!! Suddenly everyone’s pushing and shoving into PSVs like their live depend on it. And even worse for you if you live in one of the more distant parts of the city like Rongai or Kitengela.
·The twin sister of situation number 1: Endless traffic jams when it’s rainy. I talking about meaningless never-ending stall-ups all because a few people couldn’t keep a few traffic laws!!!
·Rampaging drivers who threaten to run-over anything and everything because ‘they are in such a hurry’. Dude, relax, it’s not the Safari rally.
·Pedestrians who cross the road like they …