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The view is always better on the other side of the lake

Life is a journey. If you are a Lord of the rings fan then maybe you can picture yourself as Frodo. So you are on this epic quest to get to the place where you’re supposed to be, fulfill your maximum potential or rather fulfill God’s purpose for your life. But along the way you pass through barren and harsh landscapes and you have to fight scary-looking creatures (In a more realistic sense these would represent the challenges you face). But the particular piece of imagery I’d like to use today is a lake.
   So you’re on your journey and you reach a lake you’re meant to cross. The water is dark, the clouds look like their about to unleash a tornado and the shore on the other side looks so far away. So you freak out and in some cases try to avoid crossing it if you can. And even if you do begin to cross, you do so with so much fear and almost always contemplate turning back.
   Same thing with life. See at some point there are things we all have to do to get to the next level in our li…

It’s the little things that matter.

To myself and I’m sure to so many others this is a phrase that is, for lack of a better word, a cliché. No really! I’ve read it in books, heard it said in movies over and over and over again (gag!)  . But thinking about it, I realized that it is so true!!! Here I’ll give you a few examples:

·At a funeral: So somebody has just died and all of his/her closest family, friends and colleagues plan this amazing funeral service and then it gets to the point where the speeches are being made. It doesn’t matter how much money the deceased did or didn’t have. How successful he/she was or wasn’t. The one thing that really strikes a chord is the stories about what this person did, that touched the lives of others. Maybe it was how a father was almost nearly broke just to make sure his kids went to school every single day! Or how a daughter always took made tea for her mom when her mom wasn’t feeling so well

·In a relationship: You know these couples that seem that they’ll stand the test of time, ov…