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Voice in my head

I wanted to title this post as ‘voices in my head’ (plural) but that sounded a little weird in my head...but you can like vote on it or something. I should probably get serious now.    You know that God’s been working in your life when that little voice inside gets a little louder...and probably starts to speak more often than it did before. And I’m not sure how many Christians would actually admit it, but that voice starts to speak up at really inconvenient times. And I end up having these conversations with God (sometimes out loud...sometimes in my head). And I say stuff like ‘God I know that this is what you say in your word...and I should probably take the high road and do the right thing... but I really don’t want to! But I’m going to do what you say anyway’. I end up doing the right thing and obeying Him and completely giving up my reluctance, but it feels better to just be frank with Him about my feelings on the subject.     Maybe it’s because I’m that kind of person. I’ve…

Odd one out

Human beings...we just can’t help but want to belong. Everywhere we go, every person we meet, we want them to like us. To be impressed by us. We find it easier to blend in than to go against the grain of things. Maybe because being an outsider is scary and not many people find themselves comfortable with that. So we end up doing a precarious balancing act between fitting-in and being true to ourselves. When does it stop? When does one finally have the strength to do the right thing and risk social shaming, instead of laying-low and watching wrong things happen?    Look at our politicians. Always changing opinions and partys depending on who’s in and who’s out. Giving up their principles somewhere along the way coz everyone else is doing it, and by the time elections roll round you as the voter have to re-acquaint yourself with whatever new thing they’re preaching this time round.    The other day my teenage brother asked me if it was important to be popular and have many friends. …

Things to do while stuck in Nairobi traffic

It took me 3 hours to get to school this morning. Mind you I don't live in Rongai or anything. I live in Parklands and a 30-minute journey ended-up being stretched to that. While I was waiting for Waiyaki way to stop being a nightmare, I found myself doing a lot of these things. So...

1. Switch off your engine and enjoy the scenery...      Unless it's raining in which case there is no scenery.
2. Watch your fellow traffic-jammers in the hope of witnessing some drama.
3. Have a karaoke session with the radio play-list.
4. Increase your flappy bird highscore!      For those of us who downloaded it before it was taken off the market. Now my score's up to 23! Yay!

5. Work on your tan!      Chances are it's hot and sunny and so this would be the perfect opportunity to do so whether or not you want    to.
6. Throw dirty looks at the drivers who are on the side of the road that's going in the opposite direction.     Look at them shamelessly cruising through to their destin…