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In a relationship with you???

So Cinderella met the prince and they danced all night long, fell in love and the very next day they got married and lived happily ever after. The end. This is the story we’ve heard all our lives. Boys and girls alike although due to the existence of soap operas the ladies might have had a considerably greater exposure to this idea. What idea you may ask? That one day Mr/Miss Right a.k.a ‘The one’ will suddenly appear at your doorstep and sweep you completely off your feet. This person will be unlike every other ex you’ve ever had and they’ll treat you exactly how you DESERVE to be treated. Emphasis on the word ‘deserve’. But have you ever asked yourself whether you deserve this magically wonderful person who is apparently perfect in every way imaginable? The question I’m asking is would you date you?     We always have this ideology in our minds of how the person we end up with should be but we seldom ever ask ourselves whether we are the kind of person somebody else would want to e…


This Poem is in honour of Paula Kasinga. Everytime I see the colour purple I'll remember you and how you touched all our lives. RIP....

Remember M Remember E Put them together And remember ME
Remember warm hugs shared under the sun Remember the early morning run Every moment together Will surely last forever
Remember the times Remember this rhyme May it always make you smile And be worth every single dime
Remember hotdog Remember cake Every meal shared with you Everything I wouldn’t want to loose
Remember tears Remember fears Stuff we went through together Stuff that made us better
Remember bitter Remember sweet That feeling when you were away That made me look a bit frayed
Remember friendship Remember love And the ONE above Who gifted you to me
Remember you Remember me Remember to go on Even if to you I no longer hold on