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Naturalista experiment part 2

***For part 1 of this series, click here***
   This journey has partially been a rescue-mission. A high-paced courageous effort to save the edges of my hairline. Noble really, when you think about it. Then it turned into this creative roller-coaster that was too much fun to stop. If you know me, or have read my blog, then you know that I like pushing boundaries. I like stepping out of my comfort-zone. My motto is ‘No what-ifs’. Because I have better things to do with my time that brood over missed opportunities (Hey, med keeps me pretty busy). All in all, I’d say it was a successful mission!
   So I’ve been rocking my natural hair since 27th August. It was supposed to be a 2-week stint then I kept saying to myself “One more week”. That’s how I found myself here...a month later and still going strong. I am personally determined to keep this up till my birthday (Tomorrow actually....Here’s a hint: I’m in love with Pinacolada cake from Cake city) and then till about next week!

    This …

Foodie Fridays: Shepherd's pie with nyama choma

I've always wanted to try Shepherd's pie but I never did because we don't  have an actual pie-dish. But then I saw this recipe on Kawi Snippets and I just had to try it. She used a baking tin about a light-bulb moment! She also used cheese and I love cheese! For the recipe, check out her blog here.

   I however added my own twist to the dish. We had some left-over nyama choma (Roasted goat) in the fridge so I figured I'd just re-purpose it. I used the same recipe but swapped the mince-meat with nyama choma. I also garnished with tomatoes and parsley. Here's how it turned out: