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She’s just not that into you if:

Discalimer: In an effort to help 50% of the population, well certain clueless indivuduals who are part of that 50%, I have decided to write this. I may be right or I may be wrong. It's honestly up for discussion. But let's hope that whatever part of this post that is found to be universally acknowledged as truth may end up reducing some of the frustration and confusion in the world. Happy reading!
1. She tells you she’s not into you. No means no. End of story. No woiyee stories or persistence will help your situation. In fact it’ll have just the opposite effect. You become an irritating nuisance.
2. She’s always too busy. If a girl really likes you she will make time to spend with you. Engagements will be re-scheduled; her girls will understand when she cancels on them. Trust me, she will find a way to fit you into her day/week.
3. She doesn’t respond to your text messages. Or when she does respond, it’s after an obscenely long period of time with no explanation whatsoever. Here’…

My life is a tight-rope

My life is a tight-rope A delicate balance between good and bad Right vs. wrong
My life is a tight-rope Somewhere between scared and over-confident Wimpy vs. cocky
My life is a tight-rope Trying to be authentic and acceptable at once Originality vs. conformity
My life is a tight-rope A fight between resolutions and old habits Change vs. routine
My life is a tight-rope To be or not to be Do or die
My life is a tight-rope A constant test of balance and dexterity But even if I do fall, there’ll always be a net below to catch me

Writer’s block 101

If you have ever written any kind of essay in school, let alone a blog or article, then you know what I’m talking about. I believe it’s a step by step process so here goes:
Stage 1: Intent     The feeling that comes over you, the overwhelming desire to etch your words into immortality in some way. So the will to write is definitely there. You pick up your pen and paper, or if you’ve embraced a more eco-friendly approach, you open a new Microsoft word document (lol). You look at the page and start writing or typing. If you’re lucky you already have a title. If you don’t well, that’s just too bad, you just have to wrack your brain a little harder. You write a few lines of what at first had seemed like a brilliant idea. And then you suddenly stop for one of two possible reasons:
a) You’ve realized that what your writing sounds like complete and utter nonsense b) You’ve suddenly run out of ideas or rather the idea you had has come to an abrupt stop. Kind of reminds me of:

And so you move …