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Happy 2013........

Looking back on the year that has been 2012.... I realize that it’s been a lot to take in. It was full of sunny happy moments but there were also moments when life sucker-punched me and people around me in the gut. There is no single word that can possibly sum up everything that went down. Life changing moments, epic disappointments, startling realizations. How can there be a single word for all those. Maybe not a word, but a number: 2012. That’s all it comes down to. The year that’s been. Thinking back to it, I can’t help but smile. Maybe it has something to do with the messed up wiring of my brain because regardless of how bad a situation is, I always find a way to see the good in it. I also tend to leave the bad stuff in the past and refuse to linger over it. Maybe ‘refuse’ is the wrong word here because it implies some sort of effort on my part but the truth is that it just happens. A survival instinct or something. So yes, I’m saying that I wouldn’t change a thing even In spi…

Merry Christmas

Chapatti, chicken, flashing lights and gift-wrapped presents under a tree. All my life this has been how Christmas has been to me. And I’ve loved every year of it. You know that song that goes ‘It’s the most wonderful time of the year’ for me, that’s a reality. Christmas is my favourite time of the year!! Always has been and always will be probably. And it’s not just about getting new stuff or spending a lot of money. I think I just love the warmth that comes with the season. Whether you’re at church, or with family or with friends; there’s just this bubbly lovey feeling that fills everyone up. So just in case you haven’t been told yet:


What's your label?

Labels, these things that we say about people to describe them in their entirety. Since childhood we’ve always done it. Taken one word and used it on an individual and then come to believe that that’s their identity. As if they have nothing more to offer the world except ‘Tom-boy’, ‘Skinny’, ‘Fat’, ‘Geek’. But the truth is that we’re all so much more. Human beings cannot be summed up in a single sentence let-alone word. Because we’re all so different and unique, shaped by the circumstances of our lives.    It’s like those sci-fi shows you watch where the characters discover an alternate universe with people exactly like them save a few mundane differences (Yes, I’ve just used a Fringe reference). That’s what we’re like. We’re all human but everyone’s life is like an alternate universe thus making it impossible to judge someone based on your myopic view of a few of their actions.

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Feeling artsy

When I say art, I’m not referring to painting or drawing alone. I think that’s what we were taught was art in primary school. No, I’m referring to a bigger scope of things. Mainly including poetry and music since I personally can’t draw to save my life. It’s just interesting to see how people can express themselves in such creative and diverse ways until you realize that it’s not just about entertainment or passing time; but it’s about sending a message. In a very embellished way that makes it stick better. So all that said, I’m going to share a couple of things with you that I found particularly interesting and breath-taking in the category of 'Spoken word' because if I also start talking about music, I'll end up writing a pamphlet instead of a blog-post!! he he!!
Spoken word
So this is basically a form of poetry that isn’t just meant to be read, but needs to be performed for maximum effect. I think the days when every line of poetry had to rhyme are long gone and spoken …