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Reading...reading...and more reading!

I have recently been in a very studious mood. Nose in books, focussed attitude, late night sleeping and all that jazz. Not that this is a huge change from my normal daily schedule considering the course I’m doing. But I’ve kicked it up a notch. Probably because I have a pharmacology CAT next month among other things. And since we’re talking about reading you should probably know that I love to read!! I mean like seriously. I’ve read so many books that I’ve lost count. A book-shop for me is like a jewellery store for an international thief! I can walk around for long periods of time lost in this world where I recognize books and book genres by their authors, not just by their covers. All the while ticking off the ones I’ve already read. This one time when I was in primary school I sat down with a notebook and tried to write down the title of every book I’d ever read until then. I gave up somewhere past number 50 because I kept on remembering more books I hadn’t written down and I r…

Bring it on!

I think I’m at a point in my life where nothing surprises me any more. I mean when stuff that comes along just doesn’t catch me off-guard anymore. Maybe it’s just pure experience. The fact that I’ve gone through so much in the past that I can finally sit down right now no matter what and say it’s gonna be ok. And not just say it for the sake of putting up a brave face, but saying it with the full knowlenge and faith that it’s true. And then I came across this verse.

   And you know what,....Bring it on! All the challenges and the disappointments. Because I’m sure of one simple truth. That He who is within me is greater than the world. So I can definintly take it.    Ciao...

Of Siblings, Ugali and Love?

Confused? Don’t worry, you’re not alone. I wasn’t really sure how I should title this post and you’ll understand why as you read on. So this is me repeating a message that’s been said more than enough times. So much so that we take it for granted. Relationships are not about chemistry or feelings. They are not about two people who click perfectly and who are just right for each other. It’s not about him or her being the ‘One’. Sure these things exist but they are like appetizers in a 5-course meal; they only whet your appetite buy they don’t fully satisfy your hunger. I shall now conveniently insert a food pic right here.

 Back to the matter at hand. What I’m trying to say is that loving someone is a conscious decision. It’s a choice. It’s the main course at the dinner table! Ugali and Sukuma, Chapatti and Chicken, Spaghetti and meatballs; you get my drift? And you know, the funny thing is I learnt this lesson not from some guy who broke my heart, or a past failed teenage fling. I le…


You bring out the sap in me You with your smile And your senseless words
You bring out the hopeless romantic in me You with your sweet gestures And kind words
You bring out the goof in me You with your jokes And incredibly huge sense of humour
You bring out the girl in me You with the eyes that see into my soul The ones I can’t look away from
You bring out the courage in me You with your dare-devil stunts And challenges you present to me
You bring out the sleuth in me You with your conflicting actions And all your mixed signals
You bring out the fighter in me You with your opinions And ideas so contrary to my own
You bring out the poet in me You and him and all the guys Who manage to touch my heart