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Because He said so

As Christians sometimes we avoid doing the wrong thing by talking ourselves out of it.  Like I won't lie because I'm a bad liar. Or I won't have sex outside marriage because I could get pregnant. So we walk around pleased with ourselves for upholding the commands that we've been given in the Bible. It's a means to an end, so that makes it OK, right? Wrong. 
   It's a weak defence against sin. It's easy to talk yourself out of something wrong. It's just as easy to talk yourself into it. Rationalisation is a very shaky fallible foundation. Just like that guy who built his house on the sand. In the end everything comes crashing down. The truth is that we are meant to do what the Bible says because God says so. Simple. It makes it much harder to sin when you know that doing so would be an offence against God and not whatever shaky man-made beliefs you may have. This is something that I was reminded of yesterday Needless to say, it was a total light-bulb …

Natural-haired girls' problems

1.   When your hair products are out of stock and you just ran out.

2.   Deciding which home-made hair- mask or which new protective style you'd like to try first.

3.   When someone who doesn't believe in natural hair questions your choice.

4.   Wash day

5.   Losing Bobby pins

6.   How much breakage is too much?

7.   Detangling after braids

8.   People who want to run their fingers through your freshly bantu- knotted hair

9.   Running away from the rain
10.   Avoiding bed-head

But in the end,  it's totally worth it when you look like this:



This symbol could mean either Extra large. ..or as some of my friends would put it: extra little. But why do we have such bipolar opinions about women's bodies. When is it going to be fashionable to just be healthy. Men don't seem to have the same problem...except for that one time when they wore heels and that one time they were all popping steroids.

   Don't get what I mean?  Exhibit A: the  roaring 20's (1920's). Women would actually bandage their boobs to their chests in pursuit of a boyish figure. There was also this thing about short hair and very loose-fitting dresses. Everything designed to downplay their femininity.

   Then there's the 50's. The goal was voluptuous. Not curvy or plus size, but voluptuous. All those vintage dresses we're now so in love with were designed to enhance hips. Whether they existed or not.

  Then in the 90's we had a 'dangerously thin' phase. And here we are in 2015 with fat -shaming and skinny- shaming and…