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Lessons from Med school

1. There is no such thing as passing!! At least not anymore. The best you can do is satisfy the examiner.

2. 50% isn’t as easy as it seems. Yep. That’s my pass mark. You wouldn’t believe how much one has to go through to get it!!

3. Coffee-your new best-friend. Especially if you’re having exams.

4. Live through each holiday as if you’ll die tomorrow. No seriously. If you want to have a good time and relax grab yourself a medic. Having a non-stop crazy schedule teaches you how to value the free time you have.

5. There is no such thing as innocence, at least not any more. We’ve all cracked inappropriate jokes at one time or another!! Lecturers being in the front-line!

6. Read read read, forget forget forget, read read read again!! Unless you’re one of those super-human med students who has a photographic memory! (But dude, were you abducted by aliens or something??!! O.O)

7.  Humility. You think you’re all that??!! Wait till you meet that lecturer who drives a Benz and has an ego the s…

There will come a day

There will come a day when you will pick yourself up dust yourself off and move on
There will come a day when you'll wipe your tears away wipe your past away and smile again
There will come a day when every sad song won't be your sad song and you won't dwell on everything that was wrong
There will come a day when you'll stop pining for one who's not worth a dime let alone your time
There will come a day when you'll learn to forgive and be able again to give to those around you
There will come a day when you'll hold your head up high past your inadequacies and all your short-comings
There will come a day when you will grow up and live up to all you are meant to be
But until that day comes You best believe that there will come a day

Defining my mistakes

Do our mistakes define us or do we define our mistakes??? I’ve just read a story about a girl called Amanda Todd(google pap!!)  who was bullied because of something she did when she was 12 years old. In a nutshell, she indecently exposed herself on the internet and a picture of her while exposed was sent to her family, friends and school-mates. She tried to move on but the bullying got so bad that she eventually committed suicide. You can read her story here. But my question remains. Is it that when you mess-up in some way, that becomes your permanent label in life? Do you become ‘that’ girl or guy that did ABC?? Or do you simply acknowledge your short-comings, learn from them and then avoid them like the plague.    On one hand it’s so easy to fall into a cycle of self-loathing and retribution over something you did wrong. Constantly blaming yourself and spending sleepless nights thinking about things that you cannot possibly change!! And for what?? You just waste time that would ha…

Little Miss Selfish

Human beings are excessively vain creatures. We believe that we have a right to anything and everything and that the world revolves around us. And when we don’t get what we want, we sometimes end-up behaving like 3-year olds - throwing tantrums and the like! Don’t believe me? Well: Random question number 1: Remember the last time someone stepped on your foot? What did you do? Did you look at them badly? Or did you shout some instinctive profanity? Did you humbly mutter that it was okay while damning then in your mind (even if it was for just a milli-second)?Random question number 2: The last time your lecturer announced that you had a CAT/exam you didn’t even know existed! Did you tell everyone around you just how unfair it was? Did you instantly get into a depressive studious mood? Was your day ruined by that one thing in your circle of no-control?
Need I go on??

     So now you think that I’m just being impractical. So I’ll just give my own experience. This Monday (The 1st Octob…