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The art of zoning out

Step 1 - Find a suitably boring subject. One that you really should be paying attention to but won’t. That lecturer who drones on in a barely audible monotone will do just fine. Or maybe that person who's constantly nagging you to do one thing or the other.
Step 2 - Find a topic in your brain's archive that is far more interesting. You could re-live that movie you watched last night or daydream about your crush or have deep philosophical arguments with yourself over the state of the universe. It really won’t be that hard. It’s almost as if our minds have been programmed to do exactly this as a survival mechanism for our sanity. Step 3 - Wear your screen-saver face. While zoning-out you are officially on autopilot. Therefore you need to have this 'interested' expression on your face so that you don't alert the cause of your boredom to the fact that you’re not 100% with them. It would also help to throw in a nod or two at random points to help strengthen the authenticit…

Sick-bed musings

Dirt. Everything tasted like dirt.  (I don’t even know why I think it tasted like dirt since the last time I ate dirt I must have been like 3 years old! But people tend to use this comparison a lot so I’m going to stick with it) from the bread that I painstakingly applied blueband, peanut butter and jam on, to the over-sugared weetabix. All in an effort to get myself to eat something before taking my medication. I was really cold, and my sweater was the only thing keeping me from shivering-up a storm. Why was I even standing in the kitchen coaxing myself to eat? Sure I know it’s usually a bad idea to take medication on an empty stomach, but my back hurt, my legs hurt, my head hurt. It basically hurt all over! I wanted my bed! To just curl up in a foetal position and collapse into a haze of mindless sleep. The same sleep I had been having for the past 2 hours before my mother came to check on me and realized I was running a fever. Somewhere in the back of my mind I had already know…

Different kinds of people in the exam room

Disclaimer: Based on a true story! He he! I’ve always wanted to say that! I had a Surgery CAT today. Technically yesterday since it’s past midnight. So at some point after finishing the paper and waiting for the question papers to be collected I realised that there are many different personality groups to be observed while an exam is ongoing. They say that stress does strange things to people, well here’s what I’ve seen so far.
1. The star-gazer
Or should I say ceiling-gazer. They've read the question, don't know the answer so the look up in the hope that they'll see it. I mean if God can do walls surely He can write on ceilings too! Right? Anybody? Ok, then. But sometimes this strategy actually works and they suddenly remember the answer!
2. The artist
Ordinary student who suddenly becomes a Michelangelo during the exam. Their question paper (if they were handed answer sheets) or rough paper will be full of creative doodles and will look something like the photo above depen…

Bounce back

In my opinion, regret has got to be one of the ugliest human feelings ever! It is one of the worst situations possible because it makes you feel helpless. Helpless because whatever your regretting was probably your fault. Helpless because whatever it is that you did probably cannot be undone. Helpless because it haunts you. It gives your guilty conscience free reign over your thoughts and waking moments. In short, it pretty much sucks!    But I think that the same finality that brings about the helplessness also brings about hope. If what’s done is done and it can’t be undone; if you’ve fallen so low that you couldn’t possibly get any lower; then doesn’t that mean that you can only move forward? Because if you’ve really hit rock bottom then logically the only direction left to go is up! The only thing you can do is bounce back.    And no, it won’t be a quick-fix. No, it won’t happen over-night. Yes, you will struggle with it, but you’ll always have that knowledge, that one candle …