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9 ways med-school changes you

I've written about being in med-school before and the things you learn. But I've never written about how it inadvertently changes you.

You: 1.Start using big words in every-day conversations. Case-in-point: ‘inadvertent’ there above
2.Choose comfort over style. Depending on the activities of the day you may end up choosing these comfy flats that you can stand hours in instead of cute ballet flats, sandals or heels. Those you shall reserve for the weekend.
3.Lose most of your verbal filter.
And therefore end-up often saying stuff that may shock non-medics. It's so normal to you that you only notice it when they give you the 'look'.
4.Get used to strange meal-times.
Early morning classes might mean breakfast at 8/9...despite the fact that you've been up since 5/6am. Lunch at 12/2pm because of surgeries or clinics become a regular thing.
5.Begin to collect a wide range of studs and other nondescript ear-wear.
Because big hanging ear-rings can be an occupational hazard. Tha…

Successful adulting is:

Forgive the apparent typo, but there really is no better way to express this than by the use of a recently-coined millennial verb. In fact, I wouldn’t be surprised if the word ‘adulting’ made its way into next year’s edition of the oxford dictionary. We seem to be borrowing so much from pop culture these days. Now for everyone born before 1980, according to urban dictionary ‘adulting’ can be defined as ‘doing grown-up things and holding responsibilities such as, a 9-5 job, a mortgage/rent, a car payment, or anything else that makes one think of grown ups’. Okay? All good? Now that we’re on the same page allow me to make my list.
   Successful adulting is: 1.Pretending to know what you’re doing 80% of the time and actually knowing what you’re doing only 20% of the time. I have early childhood memories of my parents being total ninjas at stuff. I recently found myself in similar situations and shockingly realised just how much of a coin-toss said ninja activities are! Well, at least …