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Shake it off

We are actors, the world is our stage and society is the script-writer. Apart from just being actors, collectively we are the director; and whenever an actor breaks character we are the first to shout at them and tell them all about how they’re doing it wrong! So a couple of weeks ago on Sunday morning I was walking in Westlands headed to a meeting right before church. Music in my ears, sunglasses on, nonchalant concentration on my goal; and then my sandal strap snapped (That wasn’t meant to be a tongue twister but stuff happens). What should have been a quick 3-minute walk to Nakumatt Ukay suddenly took me 10 long embarrassing minutes. So I practically hobble into this shopping mall that wasn’t conveniently deserted and ask where I can but slippers. Minutes later I walk out wearing blue patapatas (not even the fancy looking slippers that Bata sells. Patapatas!!!) And carrying my non-functional sandals in a paper bag.
 I then walked up the hill between Ukay and Sarit with my head …

The art of giving up

More like accepting things as they are per say. I know that we’ve grown up as the generation that’s been told ‘be all you can be’‘never give up’ and my personal favourite ‘Quitters never win and Winners never quit’. But let’s just be honest about this for a second. Even the best laid plans backfire  on a regular basis. So we can’t afford to walk around starry-eyed with our heads in the clouds believing that every single one of your dreams will irrevocably come true.    Now don’t get me wrong, I know that I probably have a bit of a reputation for being that girl who cheers you on no matter what, but there are just some things that lie in our circle of no-control and hence there nothing we can do about them.  So what am I suggesting? I’m suggesting that you move on to the next best thing. Like maybe you love music, but you can’t carry a tune in a wheelbarrow(here I go quoting the Time traveller’s wife), you obviously can’t become a singer so play an instrument or do music production…