Tales from India part 1: Culture shock!

   No amount of Google-searching and receiving pep-talks could possibly prepare one to deal with every single aspect of being in a country that is not your own. I've been here almost a week and this is what I've experienced so far. Some of it funny, some of it irritating and some of it down-right weird! I'll let you judge for yourself:

1. People being fascinated with my hair. 
Braids are totally normal at home but here, I'm almost losing count of how many people looks at as and go, 'Wow, I like your hair!'. And then they want to touch it, and ask if we do it like that every day, and how we wash it.
Hi, my name is Val. Just your friendly neighbourhood red-head! :-)
2. Being called 'maam'. 
It's almost like I took a trip to the sixties!

3. Shots of tea. 
I ordered a cup of tea and it came in well a shot-cup. There's no other way to describe it. Then we asked if they had big cups and they said no. So naturally, we ordered like 2 extra shots each!
They don't understand how African's can ask for big cups of tea!

4. Buildings with street addresses that actually make sense.
When you take a taxi you can tell them exactly what area and street the building you're going to is on, and they get there with no problems! Yay for food deliveries! Kenya should take a leaf out of this book.

5. Take-out that doesn't pack cutlery.
  Because here it's customary to eat with one's hand.
Chicken fried rice
 6. Near constant hooting on the road. 
I promise to never accuse Kenyan drivers of having road rage again!

7. Lots and lots of motorbikes and scooters.
At a ratio of almost 1:1 for every car! I kid you not! I have friends who'd feel very at home here for that one reason.

8. Taxi fares that are actually affordable. 
And more apps than just Uber.

9. Taking photos everywhere!
Almost as though I'm a tourist...Oh wait, I am! lol!

10. Prices of items occasionally not inclusive of VAT. 
So now I actually have to pay attention when I'm shopping!

11. Expensive toilet paper. Because apparently they don't use it much over here. Let's leave it at that.

12. More spicy food than I've ever experienced in my whole life!
But I'm down with that. I actually like spicy food! Even the food at subway and KFC is spicy, lol!



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