What fasting has taught me

1.       I am not a slave to food.

2.       God is good.
 Sometimes a prayer is the only thing standing between you and giving in to that food temptation.

3.       How to keep busy.
 It’s the only way to avoid having food-daydreams and remembering how long it’s been since you last ate.

4.       I don’t give myself enough credit.
Apparently I have more self-control than I originally thought.

5.       My stomach is not a sovereign state.
Yes its needs can be ignored and pushed aside from time to time without dire repercussions.

6.       It’s not as hard as people make it look.
Maybe that’s why Jesus told the disciples to look presentable. To avoid giving others false perceptions about the whole process.

7.       It takes character to say no.
The days when you’re fasting happen to  be the days when you loved-ones conveniently come to you with something tantalizing. And you have to stick to your guns and say no.

8.       Binge eating makes no difference.
Eating a huge meal the night before won’t help. Eating a huge meal after won’t help either. Just eat as you would normally do! J

9.       Two are better than one.
Fasting with people..and then you support and encourage each other, that’s the dream!


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